Positive Affirmations for Relaxation & Well Being + Tibetan Bowls ASMR

This was one of my first larger edits with multiple tracks of audio & video.  I started with a base track of hand movments and some sounds of my hands, i then added positive affirmations.  After that i recorded myself playing the Tibetan Singing Bowls very gently as a base audio track.  Already 3 video and 3 audio tracks.  I then recorded some different sounds, tapping & crinkle.

Once i had the 3 base tracks lined up in premiere ( many hours work already) i exported everything to Adobe Audition and started to cut the audio files up and place them where i felt they worked. Adobe Audition Edit

I have been audio and video editing for a long time so i get a feeling where to place tracks quite quickly, once in Audition things moved along much faster to complete the project.  It took almost a week to finish this one.

I had to be so careful working on this not to listen to it, i would probably just close my eyes and go to sleep.

Here is the result !



ASMR in the News “Listening to Soft Voices Can Cause Brain Orgasms”

Mental Floss posted a article on ASMR titled: Listening to Soft Voices Can Cause “Brain Orgasms” The article starts with Maria’s Towel Folding video that talks about it not about learning how to fold towels but just watching someone fold towels, the the way a person focuses on small little details is the magic that people find relaxing and can trigger ASMR.  They do a good job to describe ASMR, they then question the validity of ASMR quoting a post from Steve Novella, director of general neurology at Yale School of Medicine.  It is great that ASMR is slowly getting more media attention.  Rhett & Link recently did a video on ASMR and from this video i have had a few personal messages sent to me saying they found ASMR from this video, and from this video they found my youtube channel MassageASMR.  As ASMR is featured in the media the more people will learn that the tingleing sensation they feel is called ASMR and there is a huge selection of video on youtube to help them experience it and find there preferred triggers.

Whispering Hands Massage

Whispering Hands Massage focus is on Relaxation using a Gentle Whispering Voice combined with Light Touches along the Back, Neck & Shoulders. Massage ASMR is by Dmitri, the Whispering Hands Massage is series of video to help give you a guide how just simple massage and touching technique & therapy can be used to help relax a partner or friend, it is very relaxing & it may help some people feeling the tingling sensation that is called ASMR.

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Touch Tapping 5 vs World of ASMR

Relaxation, Sleep & ASMR are all important. Relax as Touch Tapping 5 Duels with The World of ASMR 18:40 to help you feel something special. Positive Affirmations Included so when you wake you will fee refreshed, alert, strong and ready to move forward in your life.

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MassageASMR New Website

DmitriHi my name is Dmitri and welcome to my new website, this website will be my personal blog about my passion ASMR.  I will write articles, reviews, links audio files for people to download and listen on portable devices, updates on future video’s & much more.  Please you are welcome to leave comments below and subscribe to my news letter.