ASMR Relaxation Session 7 with Manwelle

Manwelle has become my most popular role play character soon followed by the good Dr Dmitri.  What started as an idea for a frilly shirt, some ruffling of frills and name and a accent turned into one of my most fun character to role play, take nothing away from the role play, what you are seeing is what would be described as a real “Relaxation Session” i focus 100% on the person and they often drift away to find themselves in a very calm and relaxed state.


Please enjoy some head massage, brushing and crinkle sounds.

ASMR Binaural Brushing 2.1

This video was going to be record once move on to next one.  After reviewing the audio the sounds are so strong that i had to re record it to make it more gentle and relaxing.

Well i recorded the revised version today and i am sure it will be quite good, i will make the gentle one live first, but here is a taste of the strong stuff.  The first 5 minutes are good, but be warned the rest is for the people that like strong sounds in the ears.

Tascam UH-7000 Review High Quality Microphone Preamps

A Review ofThe TASCAM UH-7000 High Resolution USB Interface and Stand Alone Microphone Preamp
This products claims to be a “Pro-Level” microphone preamp & audio interface with low noise and high audio quality.  I think it delivers this claim, i have found no negative comments about this units sound quality, quite the opposite all comments i read says this sounds good or even better than good.

This is either 2 Microphone input or 2 line input device, it IS a 4 input – 4 output device but to get the extra 2 digital inputs you would need other equipment with AES output, so for this review we will just call it a 2 input device.

Tascam UH-7000Tascam UH-7000 Back

Good Points

  • 2 x High Quality Microphone Preamps
  • Feels Like it is good quality & weighs 2.2 kg, 4.85 lb
  • Drivers are really easy to install for windows and firmware updates as well
  • The Gain Controls feels good
  • Very low noise – if you had good mic you could crank it 100% gain with no noise…
  • Headphone AMP to power high quality headphones
  • Power Button on front
  • For both Windows and Mac
  • Digital to Analog Convert is good
  • Internal Power Supply

Area’s that could be improved with a new revision

  • 48v with it own front switch – this is not really that important but nice
  • I would love ¼” separate line in jacks
  • 2 x ¼” output jacks be nice
  • Can only use one instrument at a time
  • Unit dropping 48v to microphones when it loses USB connection
  • Can not change sampling rate unless using supported DAW (still testing)

Supported DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Software

  1. Cakewalk: SONAR X3
  2. Avid: Pro Tools 11
  3. Steinberg: Cubase
  4. Ableton: Live 9

Want i wanted from this unit:

  • Pro Level Sound from the mic preamps
  • Headphone amp
  • To use as my sound card to edit my voice and sound effect recordings
  • I need & want accurate sound reproduction

It delivers for me, you will want something different from this unit have a look around the web compare the feedback from everyone and i hope my little review helps you to make a more informed choice if this unit is right for you.

TASCAM UH-7000 High Resolution USB Interface and Stand Alone Microphone Preamp
Review Part 1

This is the external best review i could find

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I recommend the computer you plug this in has a good USB socket, if the socket feels loose then bumping the cable may result in interrupted recordings and 48v turning off to the microphones.  Another common sense tip is to make sure ALL power saving features are turned off.

Tascam uh-7000 frontTascam UH-7000 Gain Control

Tascam UH-7000 Bottom


Tascam UH-7000 Multitrack Mode Tascam UH-7000 Stereo Mix Mode


Hypnosis Session for Confidence and Self Esteem ASMR

This is a very special recording, this mark the first recording using a Tascam UH-7000 Duel Mic Preamp USB Sound Adapter.  This will help increase the quality of my recordings.   I have uploaded the original wave format to sound cloud for those who want the best quality possible.

ASMR Trigger Therapy 6.2 Layered Sounds

I wanted to create something that resembled my first 2 minute ASMR Layer Cake

In this video i have based it on a Video and Audio Track talking about walking around in a city and finding situation that might suit your ASMR trigger like watching someone go through there purse looking for something say waiting at a bus stop or a bakery with a windows and watching the baker focus on creating bread roll, pastries ect.  I always like to add a slightly hypnotic element to help you feel good after woods.  Once i recorded with track i added a little spray sounds, and 1 more layer of me tapping my flashlight.

Now this is where the fun began, add many many more layers of audio tracks starting and stopping through out the course of the video and you get Trigger Therapy 6.2.  One of the main elements was a number of inaudible sounds and plus some of my own style chanting that is not linked with anything other than my imagination to create sounds for you.

So the 1st parts is a mixture of many different sounds while after about 7 minutes in it turns it focus to more inaudible type sounds.

Here is the sound cloud link.



ASMR Prostate Examination

This is a video that i thought i might be able to release on my channel but decided against it, this is a little bonus video intended to highlight the important of regular check ups and seeing a real doctor ok.


Sample of Trigger Therapy 6.2 Layer Cake

This is a sample of the start of the video, for a video like this i need at least 1 to 3 base tracks of audio and video to build the video from, i then start adding layers of sounds.

Sometimes more is less

Sometimes more is just plain better

Sometimes all you need is very subtle sounds

But what this is a learning process on creating multi-track ASMR, as always i will strive to bring the best content i can to you.

ASMR Trigger Therapy 6

I just started the export of Trigger Therapy 6, this has a completely improvised piece (well there all improvised) feature Earth, Water, Light & Air.  I had lots of fun with this, i had an idea how i wanted it to look like but as unsure how to do it and during the recording it was like a light bulb switching on in my head “Bing” and i found a way to get the look i was after.  It was not perfect but i got the effect i would looking for.

I had a bit at the start using the thermojet container but i was not really happy with the sounds so i brought the Earth, Water, Light & Air up the start and left it at the end.

I will link the video once uploaded


ASMR News – How Can Musicians Participate?

I like to Google “ASMR news” within the last week to have a look around the web for new articles.  I found a few today, the first links a picture of the Beautiful Dahlia Daintily talking about “How Can Musicians Participate?” Now this in it self deserves discussion but the biggest problem for me to understand would be never feeling ASMR from music, Frisson yes but not ASMR.  I would love to be able to trigger the 2 at the same time, i know it is possible, this is a project of mine.

Also in the news – Watching This Japanese Craftsman At Work Could Give You A ‘Brain Orgasm Watching think like Japanese tea ceremony or writing add soft-spoken Japanese voice and i am in ASMR land….

And last i found this one Are you a Tinglehead The Wonderful World of ASMR  Yes 100% I am a tingle head.  This is just a sort peice of ever growing ASMR articles helping to reach out the millions of people out there that still have not linked the tingly feeling with the term ASMR, when they do youtube will be there ASMR wonderland.